PO Box 85026, Lincoln, NE 68501, US

(402) 805-7975

It's the plus that makes the difference.

About Us...


We are Lincoln's transport service dedicated to your needs.  We offer on-time, door to door service with care.  We are here to help those who require specialized personal assistance.  Transport Plus is fully insured and would love to have the opportunity to serve YOU!

We operate on an appointment basis, we are not a taxi service.  

Please try to schedule at least 3 days in advance to insure the time slot you prefer.

Our employees drive minivans with manual wheelchair ramps that extend out the back of the van.  We do have some vans that are not wheelchair accessible so please specify your needs when you schedule your transportation. 


Established 1997 by Ron and Vicki Harding

Purchased in 2014 by David and Deena Brauer

A Little History...


Founded in 1997, Transport Plus started with just one minivan.  The  company received authority through the Public Service Commission and a  contract with Health and Human Services.  It started out transporting  persons that were 60 years or older, visually impaired and children up  to the age of 16.  Later, disabled persons were added to the list.  Then  a contract with the City of Lincoln was signed to transport their ADA  eligible clients through their Handivan program.  At that point,  wheelchair transportation was another service added to the list.

The  contract with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is  currently managed by IntelliRide.  As of July 1, 2019 your transportation services will be handled by your individual insurance company and the broker they have chosen.  Please contact your insurance company for details.

Transport  Plus is able to transport throughout the state of Nebraska, with trips  originating or ending in Lancaster County.  The majority of activity is in the Lincoln area.

Transport Plus has always operated on  an appointment basis.  Clients must call ahead of time to reserve a  pick up time.  Clients can call up to a month in advance or as near as  the day before.  Transport Plus runs on a first come first serve  system.  If the time slot you want is full, you will be offered an alternative time slot.  If that does not work for you, you will be  referred to other companies in the area that may be able to serve you.

Transport  Plus is a key player in the transportation system of Lincoln and surrounding areas.  Over the past several years there has been steady growth and Transport Plus continues to fill the needs in the community.   Transport Plus is willing and able to grow as the need arises.

We  are very proud of our reputation and provide an excellent service with clean vans, non-smoking environment and courteous drivers who get out of  the van and assist the clients.  

Most importantly, we operate ON TIME!